This is the development version 0.1.0~alpha5 of OASIS-DB. Packages uploaded here will be removed. Use this website to test your packages or help the OASIS-DB project to find bugs.

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Package management

Manage packages.

List packages


This function list packages.

$ curl -i

(((pkg_name oasis) (pkg_watch ()))
 ((pkg_name ocaml-data-notation) (pkg_watch ()))
 ((pkg_name ocamlify) (pkg_watch ())))
$ curl -i

  { "pkg_name": "oasis", "pkg_watch": null },
  { "pkg_name": "ocaml-data-notation", "pkg_watch": null },
  { "pkg_name": "ocamlify", "pkg_watch": null }

Package's version management

Manage package's version.

Display package's version information


Display information about a package, as defined during the upload step. You could also extract information from the _oasis file.

$ curl -i

((pkg oasis) (ver 0.2.0) (ord 10) (tarball oasis-0.2.0.tar.gz)
 (upload_date "2016-11-19 14:15:45") (upload_method (Web gildor))
$ curl -i

  "pkg": "oasis",
  "ver": "0.2.0",
  "ord": 10,
  "tarball": "oasis-0.2.0.tar.gz",
  "upload_date": "2016-11-19 14:15:45",
  "upload_method": { "type": "Web", "name": "gildor" },

Get the latest version of a package.


Return the latest version available. The latest version is defined by order and not by the version number.

$ curl -i

$ curl -i


List versions of a package.


This function list package's versions.

$ curl -i

(0.1.0 0.2.0)
$ curl -i

[ "0.1.0", "0.2.0" ]