This is the development version 0.1.0~alpha5 of OASIS-DB. Packages uploaded here will be removed. Use this website to test your packages or help the OASIS-DB project to find bugs.

Submit bug reports or feature requestsGo to the real OASIS-DB website


Upload your own package

To create a package, you need to add a _oasis file in the toplevel directory of your project and upload the tarball containnig it.

You can also advertise for this website on your project page. Just add this HTML code to your webpage, don't forget to replace YOURPACKAGE by the name of your package:

OASIS-DB badge

<a href="">
  alt="OASIS-DB" style="border: none;" />

We really appreciate to get your feedback, through bug reports or features requests.

Improve other's packages

Once you are logged in this website, you can edit any packages or versions:

  • edit or create _oasis file for every version

  • create a watch file to take care of automatically upload new versions

  • upload tarballs from others

Get involved into the development

Goto OASIS project website for more information about the development of OASIS-DB.

Use the REST API

Have a look at OASIS-DB API. You can build your own application using our REST API.