This is the development version 0.1.0~alpha5 of OASIS-DB. Packages uploaded here will be removed. Use this website to test your packages or help the OASIS-DB project to find bugs.

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OASIS-DB, the comprehensive OCaml package archive

OASIS-DB is a collection of released OCaml packages. Each package contains an _oasis file, which is a way to provide information about it. The pages on this website display information from this file. OASIS-DB is part of the project OASIS which aims at providing an infrastructure to host OCaml libraries and applications.

Find packages

The Browse link allow you to browse all the available packages and to perform a full text search of the package pages with Google.

Releasing packages through OASIS-DB

To upload your own packages, you'll first need to add and _oasis to your package's sources. See the quickstart guide for a tutorial. You can check and upload your package using the Upload link above, you'll need to login into a valid OCaml Forge user account to proceed.

It is possible to upload package without _oasis in it, in this case you won't get all the benefits of this website.

Installing packages from OASIS-DB

You can download and install automatically packages on this server. Use one of the third party automated tools like odb (a simple package installer).


Package uploads graph

391 uploads and 141 packages in the database since 2010-08-05

96% of the latest package's versions have an _oasis file.