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oasis: Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications

OASIS generates a full configure, build and install system for your application. It starts with a simple _oasis file at the toplevel of your project and creates everything required.

It uses external tools like OCamlbuild and it can be considered as the glue between various subsystems that do the job. It should support the following tools:

  • OCamlbuild

  • OMake (todo)

  • OCamlMakefile (todo),

  • ocaml-autoconf (todo)

It also features a do-it-yourself command line invocation and an internal configure/install scheme. Libraries are managed through findlib. It has been tested on GNU Linux and Windows.

It also allows to have standard entry points and description. It helps to integrates your libraries and software with third parties tools like GODI.

Versions: 0.1.0, 0.2.0~alpha1, 0.2.0, 0.2.1~alpha1, 0.3.0~rc1, 0.3.0~rc1.1, 0.3.0~rc2, 0.3.0~rc3, 0.3.0~rc6, 0.3.0*
Build Depends: unix, pcre, odn (>= 0.0.3), ocamlgraph, oUnit (>= 1.1.0), findlib, fileutils (>= 0.4.2), extlib, expect.pcre (>= 0.0.2)
Build Tools: ocamlyacc, ocamllex, ocamlify, ocamldoc (opt.), ocamlbuild, make
Provide Tool: oasis
Provide Findlibs: oasis, oasis.base, oasis.builtin-plugins, oasis.cli
License: LGPL-2.1 with OCaml linking exception
Author: Sylvain Le Gall
Source repository: darcs get (browse)
Upload date: 2011-03-26 23:10:09
Upload method: web by Sylvain Le Gall
Downloads: oasis-0.2.0.tar.gz, oasis-0.2.0.tar.gz (backup)
Install: apt-get install TODO
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