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ocaml-expect: Expect-like framework

This is a simple implementation of expect to help building unitary testing of interactive program.

It helps to receive question and send answers from an interactive process. You can match the question using a regular expression (Str). You can also use a timeout to ensure that the process answer in time.

See the Expect manual for more information and example.

Versions: 0.0.1, 0.0.2, 0.0.3*
Build Depends: unix, str, oUnit
Build Tools: ocamldoc (opt.), ocamlbuild
Provide Findlib: expect
License: LGPL-2.1 with OCaml linking exception
Author: Sylvain Le Gall
Source repository: darcs get (browse)
Upload date: 2010-09-07 17:33:03
Upload method: web by Mr Foo
Downloads: ocaml-expect-0.0.1.tar.gz, ocaml-expect-0.0.1.tar.gz (backup)
Install: apt-get install TODO
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